Plans for 2022

Having hit my word count goal in the second worse year of my life, I’m weird hopeful about my plans for 2022. I put plans into place in December; from more coaching sessions to a writing retreat, all designed to further my writing career.

In Progress

I’m bringing two WIPs into 2022: Small Majicks – a fantasy romance – and what I’ve been calling “the #BeefBook” on Twitter – a contemporary romance that’s currently title-less.


I’m hoping to get the #BeefBook out this year. If I manage to publish Small Majicks, that would be a bonus. I’m also planning on having rights to both Amazing Grace and Archangel returned, with a new to re-releasing under my own publishing name.

Year Goal

I’m aiming for 250,000 words, which breaks down to 685 a day. I can write that in less than an hour, meaning that I can hit my writing targets and have time for personal projects (including learning the guitar!) I’m also aiming at writing every day, even if it’s just a couple of hundred words. Keeping that chain going is actually a bigger goal than the 250K

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