On cliffhangers

Woman rock climbing

Cliffhangers are like Marmite – people either love them or loathe them. Yet, cliffhangers don’t have to just be at the end of a novel. A good book should be full of hooks to keep the reader reading. One way to do that is by ending a chapter in the…

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Planner, pantser, plantser

Underpants on a washing line

There are several ways to write a book. Every author approaches it slightly differently, heck sometimes an author writes every book differently! Planners write detailed outlines and know exactly what happens when. They have character sheets, and novel bibles, and can even invent their own languages (I’m looking at you,…

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The role of romance

I’m writing this post as part of WriYe’s Blog Circle, and the full prompt for February is “the role of romance in your novels.” As an author of romance, I’d say it was an intregral part, heh. Why though? In most romance novels you have two characters who belong together….

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Plans for 2022

Having hit my word count goal in the second worse year of my life, I’m weird hopeful about my plans for 2022. I put plans into place in December; from more coaching sessions to a writing retreat, all designed to further my writing career. In Progress I’m bringing two WIPs…

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