HIS NOVICE by Arabella Sheen

Nathan Stockman answers to no one. He’s his own man and controls his own destiny. But when Summer Jenkins erupts into his life, he finds it hard to resist the temptation to possess her and bed her. She’s everything he is not. She’s classy, she’s young, and she’s … virginal. Dare he be the man responsible for awakening her to the pleasures of lovemaking, or should he walk away before they become entangled?

Summer doesn’t care that Nathan is much older and supposedly wiser than she is, and his carefree lifestyle certainly doesn’t stop her from wanting a night of passion in his arms. Offering to be his novice is no guarantee he will teach her everything he knows about love … but she’s ready and more than willing to learn.

Can Summer entice Nathan into the bedroom or will he walk away before their affair has a chance to begin?

About Arabella Sheen

Arabella Sheen is a British author of sensual, romantic love stories. She likes nothing more than the challenge of a blank page, starting a new novel and seeing where the story takes her.
One of the many things Arabella loves to do is to read, and when she’s not reading or writing romance, she is either on her allotment sowing and planting with the seasons, or she is sat on the sofa pandering to the demands of her attention-seeking cat.
Having worked and lived in the city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands for nearly twenty years as a theatre nurse, she now lives in the South West of England with her family.

You can find news about Arabella and her latest releases at the following places:
Website: http://www.arabellasheen.co.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArabellaSheenAuthor
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArabellaSheen

Cover Reveal – Archangel

Small time crook Gabriel Kemp is only trying to make a living when a hit-and-run leaves him for dead. Waking up in hospital to an angel at his bedside gives him a second chance, but one that comes with a condition.

Fleeing San Francisco doesn’t mean he can evade the deal either – he still manages to meet Abigail Harris, the woman he’s promised to protect. He might not believe in the psychic visions she claims to have, but he knows even the chance of her identifying the serial killer terrorizing downtown L.A. puts her in danger.

The only way to keep Abby safe is to find and stop the killer. If that means taking on the devil determined to turn the City of Angels into the City of Hell on Earth, then so be it.

The role of romance

I’m writing this post as part of WriYe’s Blog Circle, and the full prompt for February is “the role of romance in your novels.” As an author of romance, I’d say it was an intregral part, heh.

Why though? In most romance novels you have two characters who belong together. Most of the time they’re unaware of this. Good characterisation gives them a belief or wound that prevents them from pursuing relationships – be that romantic or familial. A romance charts not just how the hero and heroine (or variation thereof) get together, but how the situation they find themselves in challenges their false perceptions.

In TIN CAT, while Amber has a fantastic support network, she doesn’t believe that love can happen to her because her boyfriend left her. He couldn’t cope with her being in a wheelchair. When Grey enters her life, she imagines he’ll be the same but, despite not having much experience with disability (he comes from a future time where science and technology means it’s mostly invisible) he sees Amber and not her chair.

Meanwhile, Grey is carrying guilt over “causing” the death of his previous ward. Even though he’s being punished for his failure, he doesn’t consider himself worthy of reparation. Keeping Amber safe heals a large part of that, but it’s her acceptance of him as he has that does more.

Obviously, I’m not going to go into further detail – you’ll have to read the book! – but the reason Grey’s travelled back in time also effects the relationship. It’s what pushes them together and also is the crux of the conclusion.

In short, romance is integral to my plots, both as part of my characters’ development and as the relationshop element. It’s important to me to strike a balance between the romance and the action, and to keep the story moving forward.

Plans for 2022

Having hit my word count goal in the second worse year of my life, I’m weird hopeful about my plans for 2022. I put plans into place in December; from more coaching sessions to a writing retreat, all designed to further my writing career.

In Progress

I’m bringing two WIPs into 2022: Small Majicks – a fantasy romance – and what I’ve been calling “the #BeefBook” on Twitter – a contemporary romance that’s currently title-less.


I’m hoping to get the #BeefBook out this year. If I manage to publish Small Majicks, that would be a bonus. I’m also planning on having rights to both Amazing Grace and Archangel returned, with a new to re-releasing under my own publishing name.

Year Goal

I’m aiming for 250,000 words, which breaks down to 685 a day. I can write that in less than an hour, meaning that I can hit my writing targets and have time for personal projects (including learning the guitar!) I’m also aiming at writing every day, even if it’s just a couple of hundred words. Keeping that chain going is actually a bigger goal than the 250K

No Novelling November

At the start of October, I wrote a rough outline for a Gothic Romance with the intention of it being my NaNo project. I sent the outline to a friend, who assured me it was solid enough (though needed a few tweaks) so I put it aside and prepped for our holiday.

The morning of said holiday, I got a text from our housing officer – they’d gotten notice on a bungalow with a wet room. The only other information was the road, so I went and had a look. And burst into tears, because they were lovely.


The bungalow is now back with the council. We have absolutely no idea as to when we’re moving, only that we are. Me and my son have to downsize/pack a 4 bedroom house into 2 bedroom bungalow that neither of us hae seen the inside of. I have no idea whatsoever as to how big the rooms are.

It’s just a tad stressful.

I have been trying to write my NaNovel. However, combined with the physicality of packing and knowing next to nothing, I’ve been struggling. Yesterday, I gave up. It’s just not worth the extra stress.

That’s not to say I’m not writing, I am, but at a pace that suits me and amount of work I have to do. You know, seeing as I still have caring duties in the middle of all this as well.

I’m content with my decision. And I did try NaNo. It simply didn’t work for me this time.


I’ve spent ten minutes trying to come up with a blog title. In the end, all I can manage is his name.

In the small hours of 12 March, Colette Simon posted on Facebook that Cliff had been killed in a kite-boarding accident Tuesday lunchtime. I was on Twitter at the time, and knocked sideways. I’m writing this through tears of incredible grief and loss, yet know I’m one of many to mourn him.

Cliff and I knew each other for over eight years. It started on Twitter during a live podcast of his episode of The Americans. His character pretended to be drunk and sang. Cliff mentioned that he’d been asked to record an album after winning Mr South Africa but had refused because he “sang like shit.” I commented that singing like shit had worked for David Hasselhoff. Cliff friended me and so began a friendship of sorts that will always be incredibly precious to me.

We met a few years later, at Chevron 8.0. His Sunday meet-and-greet was cancelled, so I invited him for a drink, never imagining he’d agree. We spent 40 minutes talking about everything and nothing. My writing was mentioned and he was so supportive. So encouraging. He is the reason I’m published and I’m very thankful to have had the opportunity to tell him that.

He was also unbelievably supportive after H’s stroke. He’d pop into my DMs and ask after him. When we had a Zoom call last month, “How’s your man doing?” was the first thing he asked me. “Tell him I was asking after him,” he requested, which of course I did.

I have lost a limb. A piece of my heart. I cannot imagine going on without him, yet I must. We were due another Zoom next Saturday, and my heart aches at everything I was going to tell him but now can’t. All those stupid, rude jokes. The silly memes we’d bat between us. That smile, that laugh, those tight hugs.

I love you, Cliff, and I will miss you forever.