No Novelling November

At the start of October, I wrote a rough outline for a Gothic Romance with the intention of it being my NaNo project. I sent the outline to a friend, who assured me it was solid enough (though needed a few tweaks) so I put it aside and prepped for our holiday.

The morning of said holiday, I got a text from our housing officer – they’d gotten notice on a bungalow with a wet room. The only other information was the road, so I went and had a look. And burst into tears, because they were lovely.


The bungalow is now back with the council. We have absolutely no idea as to when we’re moving, only that we are. Me and my son have to downsize/pack a 4 bedroom house into 2 bedroom bungalow that neither of us hae seen the inside of. I have no idea whatsoever as to how big the rooms are.

It’s just a tad stressful.

I have been trying to write my NaNovel. However, combined with the physicality of packing and knowing next to nothing, I’ve been struggling. Yesterday, I gave up. It’s just not worth the extra stress.

That’s not to say I’m not writing, I am, but at a pace that suits me and amount of work I have to do. You know, seeing as I still have caring duties in the middle of all this as well.

I’m content with my decision. And I did try NaNo. It simply didn’t work for me this time.