Project Writing Shed!

Early 2018 we bought a secondhand shed with the intention of setting up a woodworking business. Late 2018 H had a Stoke and all our plans went poof. Since then, the shed has been sat, gathering oddments and spiders.

This is how it looked just after installation. It’s a wee bit more weathered. But I have a Plan.

I’ve listed the woodworking tools for sale. As soon as the tip is open, I’m going to clear it out and reseal the wood. It needs new roof felt and better poly on the windows, then repainting.

I’m going for a blue exterior and a lemon interior. It’ll be fully insulated and lit by fairy lights. I’m going to get a rug/carpet off-cut on the floor. I’ll probably keep the old desk, though it needs covering somehow. I’ll put in bookshelves and maybe a cosy corner for reading. It’ll be geeky, of course, because this is me. I might frame my celeb photoshoots and put them on the wall. My Prism certificate is definitely going up.

In short, I’m going to create a haven for me to be able to get away from the crazy that’s my every day life, even just for a couple of hours.

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