March Round Up

Well, that was a month.

The UK getting hit with the Covid-19 virus wasn’t a surprise (unless you were in government, and being clueless) but the impact has been… interesting.

We were due to be on holiday by now, but were fairly sure that the country would end up locked down. It would have been nice if Boris had gone on with it, instead of dragging his feet. At least then I’d not have spent most of March in limbo.

I did, somehow, manage to hit 17,786 words (goal was 12,500) and win my monthly WriYe challenges, but it all felt odd. Like I’d not done anything. Of course now we’re in lockdown and life is uber weird. I am coping. I don’t go out much anyway, so there’s not a lot of difference except it takes twice as long to get my shopping done.

April is Camp. I’m resurrecting The Tombs of Arkon Theta and aiming for 20K. I’ll let you know if I get there this time in May.

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