Ahh, nuts

The pup has wrecked my thumb drive. This has everything on – photos for my business, invoices, con photos… and all my writing. I can’t access any of it which is not good. Really not good.

I’ve been writing a romantic suspense with magical elements. I got just over 5K done for Camp NaNo when this happened. I think the drive is salvageable, but with it being Easter, my tech guy is unavailable. So I can’t work on this particular story for the moment.

Yet I’m not about to roll over and give up. I discovered that I’d saved a sci fi romance series to OneDrive, so I’ve gone back to that. It’s had a few attempts, always dying out around chapter two, but on reviewing the last iteration, I realised I was approaching the story wrong. Now I’ve a firm direction and am writing from first person POV, it’s whipping along nicely.

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