Works in Progress

The Quick & The Undead

Red sky in the morning…

Eight years have passed since the Civil War and the last Uprising, and Ithaca Cain had thought he was retired. But the only peace a Hunter truly knows is death, and when a blood red dawn brings the taste of Revenants on the breeze, he must take up arms once more.

Plenitude is a town slowly rebuilding after the War claimed most of its men. Doctor Winnifred tends to the widowed and sick, including the ranchers just outside town. When one rancher passes, it’s not a great surprise given his sickness. His rising from the dead, however, is. Running for her life, Winn crashes into a dark, mysterious stranger–and a world where supernatural creatures are more than stories.

Ithaca knows the price of allowing others into his life. He’s paid it once and isn’t willing to do it again. Yet Winn is determined to help him save her town, and it seems she’s just as determined to thaw the ice Ithaca’s packed around his battered heart. He might be able to win against the forces of hell, but a stubborn woman? Demons are preferable.

Mercury Dawn

Captain Corin Renzor is facing a court martial for disobeying a direct order when the research starship Mercury Dawn goes radio silent. Offered the recovery mission and a chance at redemption, he heads a crew of dishonoured personnel out to the edge of inhabited space, but they aren’t the first to reach the stricken vessel…

For junker Skye Alexander the Mercury Dawn is the haul that’ll clear her debt with crime boss Kai Loren. The last thing she needs is Corin Renzor getting in her way again. Especially when her heart barely survived the last time they met.

Neither can afford to let the ambers that still burn from igniting. Not when the Mercury Dawn is missing personnel. Or when members of both their crews are disappearing. And definitely not when the bloodied bodies start turning up. Yet they must put their differences aside if they’re going to survive what’s hiding in the spaceship’s darkened corridors.

Citadel of Steam & Sorcery

For more than a thousand years, the Citadel has floated above Aerindor; the centre of the planet’s magic. Now that magic is failing and the city may fall… literally. It’s up to scientist Seren Torres and techmage Ellis Brock to discover why the crystals which power the city are being depleted. That means going into the mines and risking cave ins, gas leaks, and whatever lurks in the dark, feeding off the magical energy.