The Longest Month

I am slowly creeping my way back into the writing community after… well, let’s rewind to mid November.

My attempt at NaNo had died a death, mostly because I’d been very distracted by woodworking and plans that I and my husband were making at having our own business. We’d even found a premise in Manchester. We were deciding on a product range and choosing power tools to buy when his insurance money finally got paid. In short, 2019 was going to be OUR YEAR.

Then on 30 December, with no warning whatsoever, H had a stroke.

It was fairly major and we were told to prepare for the worst. I couldn’t (and honest still can’t) get my head around it. He was 45, and had been fit and healthy. How on earth had he had a stroke?

He survived but he was on ICU for two weeks. He’s now in Trauma Rehab at Salford Royal and facing a long road of recovery. Thankfully, he’s still very much himself, but had no movement on his left side. At this point we still don’t know what his long-term prospects are.

What this all means is the woodworking business is on hold. I’ve gone back to crocheting and am building that instead, and I’ve started writing again – albeit small amounts rather occasionally.

Everything is very, very uncertain.

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