September Update & October Plans

So September was a crappy month. I had bad news right at the beginning, which threw me off my routine, then there was the trifecta of Cliff’s birthday/it being 6 months of his passing/my birthday. In the end, I picked up SMALL MAJICKS and at least managed to get a workable outline in place, though I didn’t get much actual writing done. I was also very lax in logging my word counts, so I don’t have a total for September. Sorry.

Anyhoo, October has dawned all cold and damp and full of fresh opportunites. Sticking (more or less) to the plan of editing A TOUCH OF FROST through this month, I’ve set up my author bujo. I’ve also exported my shitty first draft to my Kindle Fire, and I must say it looks very pretty next to actual real books!

I’m also prepping for NaNo next month. I’ll be working on A LICK OF FLAME aka Loki book 2. It made sense to tackle the two projects together, as I can lay more foundations in book 1 and have the characters in mind for book 2.

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