April Round Up

April was a pretty decent writing month, possibly because I barely left the house. Lockdown has been good for something after all!

WriYe was a bit hit and miss, but I won April Camp, so overall I’m happy. My challenge results:

  • Full Moon 3,632 / 3,000
  • New Moon 1,028 / 900
  • 5K Weekend 1,279 / 5,000
  • WriDay 1,247 / 2,500

At the time of writing Tombs stands at 22,305 / 80,000 words, which doesn’t include the first rough draft I wrote a couple of years old. I’m working my way through that, saving what can be folded in and deleting what can’t. I’m nearly done with Act 1. Acts 2 and 3 both have a couple of scenes in them, because I can’t write in a straight line.

May goals

  • 12,500 overall
  • Full Moon 900
  • WriDay 2,500
  • MerMay 5,000
  • New Moon 900
  • 5K Weekend

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