Into 2022

2021 was the hardest year for me since 2019. The latter being after H’s stroke, and the former seeing me lose a very dear friend. It’s been a tough couple of years.

However, the page turns to a new chapter, and its one I’ve been working towards for a few weeks. I’m taking writing courses and have booked more sessions with my coach. I’ve put together a plan for the first quarter. That includes refreshing my Patreon page. Hi.

I’m bringing two WIPs into 2022 – Small Majicks and what’s been called the #BeefBook on Twitter – as well as starting a completely new story. BB and SM have rough outlines. I’m writing the third by the seat of my pants.

My main goal for the year is to get a book published. Two, if I can manage it. Secondary goal is 250,000 words. This breaks down to 685 words a day – I want to push forward in my stories while caring for H and having some downtime.

Wish me luck!

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