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The R Word. Again

So there I was, happily browsing the #WriterCommunity tag on Twitter, when I saw The Question. Someone wanted to know if a Romance needed a happy ending. Life happens! HEAs are unrealistic! And her story is So Much MoreTM! All the things anyone who writes Romance has seen argued over and over and OVER again. …

Dark Attraction – Loving the Bad Boys

Cliff Simon says he likes playing the bad guy because “they’re more fun.” This is true because, even in a fantasy world, being ‘good’ means following rules, be that official ones or the character’s moral code. The bad guys aren’t constrained by those rules and so their characters are freer. I mention Cliff because he …

Writing the Enemies to Lovers Trope

Enemies-to-lovers is my favourite romantic trope. There’s nothing more satisfying than reading about/watching two characters who are polar opposites* reluctantly fall for each other. Yet writing this trope can be tricky – you want to make their love seem improbable without making it impossible.

Ahh, nuts

The pup has wrecked my thumb drive. This has everything on – photos for my business, invoices, con photos… and all my writing. I can’t access any of it which is not good. Really not good. I’ve been writing a romantic suspense with magical elements. I got just over 5K done for Camp NaNo when …

Writers’ Hashtags For Twitter

Twitter is a great resource for writers and authors, no matter what stage of the writing process you’re at. There are tags for when you’re writing and editing, for when you’re hunting agents/publication, and for once you have your book out.

Future-Proofing Your Writing Time

“Write every day” is advice that gets banded about a lot in the writing community, usually with several rebuttals because it’s ableist AF. It doesn’t take into account people with physical and/or mental illness. If you’re low on energy or in mood, then the last thing you want to hear is that writers write.