The R Word. Again

So there I was, happily browsing the #WriterCommunity tag on Twitter, when I saw The Question. Someone wanted to know if a Romance needed a happy ending. Life happens! HEAs are unrealistic! And her story is So Much More! All the things anyone who writes Romance has seen argued over and over and OVER again. Continue reading

Ahh, nuts

The pup has wrecked my thumb drive. This has everything on – photos for my business, invoices, con photos… and all my writing. I can’t access any of it which is not good. Really not good.

I’ve been writing a romantic suspense with magical elements. I got just over 5K done for Camp NaNo when this happened. I think the drive is salvageable, but with it being Easter, my tech guy is unavailable. So I can’t work on this particular story for the moment.

Yet I’m not about to roll over and give up. I discovered that I’d saved a sci fi romance series to OneDrive, so I’ve gone back to that. It’s had a few attempts, always dying out around chapter two, but on reviewing the last iteration, I realised I was approaching the story wrong. Now I’ve a firm direction and am writing from first person POV, it’s whipping along nicely.