A Moral Dilemma | Archer Snippet

Hello! How did November treat everyone? I was doing okay at NaNoWriMo until this happened, so I ended up with just 23,000 words. SMALL MAJICKS is stuck on my old laptop until the new one and a transfer wire arrive, but a writer writes don’t they? And what I’ve been writing is the first story in a series. Here, then, are the opening lines from PROTECTORATE SPACE: ARCHER

Ribbons of pink and purple strung across the stars, light glinting off the particles to make it appear that the nebula danced in a breeze. Captain Peregrine Archer watched the display from the bridge seat of the SS Celeste and debated his next move. The nebula marked the edge of Protectorate space and he’d no authority beyond it. On the other hand, the steady ping of a distress signal sounded from the comms console and part of Celeste’s mission was to provide aid where necessary.

He shifted his gaze to Lieutenant Rynne Wilkes at the comm. “Still nothing from Command?”
“No, sir.” Her brown eyes brimmed with concern. “Not even an indication they’ve received our transmission.”

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