My Loki story – A TOUCH OF FROST is done!

The rough draft sit a little over 50K. which will increase on the edits. I’m not starting those until mid-September at the earliest. It needs to sit, and I need to do some research into the various settings.

I’m still really happy. I’d no idea that crazy idea I had in June would morph into a novel. AND I have ideas for a second book! Yup, this will be a duology. 🙂

Word-wise I wrote pretty every day, ending with 42,086, which I never imagined possible back in March.

At the end of May, the Loki trailer dropped, and that night I had a dream. There was a woman and she’d been helping him, and gotten shot for her troubles. She’d survived the actual shot, but was bleeding out. Loki used his frost powers to stem the flow.

Beyond that, I had nothing. Yet the scene stuck in my head. I caved and wrote it, hoping to excise it. Instead, the more I wrote, the more I fell in love with the story. I knew that writing anything Loki-related was risky – especially with the series imminent – but I couldn’t stop.

I didn’t stop all the way through June.

According to 4thewords, I wrote 27,784 words. Being entirely honest, that number isn’t accurate as some of it was rewritten, meaning there’s two versions of some chapters. Plus I cheated to finish the Pride events. Say half of that is usable, it’s still close to 14K.

And that, my friends, ain’t half bad.