#SnippetSunday – An Inauspicious Beginning

Hi and welcome to my blog! I’m currently writing a so-far-untitled lesbian historical romance set in the Regency period. Given the way I write, I’m not sure of the plot s yet, but it involves a cross-dressing lady pirate and a maid mistaken for her mistress. This snippet comes from the prologue.

Sephone had always known her father was a pirate. Her mother was proud of the fact, though less delighted that she shared him with a French barkeep in Calais. She was one her mother knew about. Whether there were others was a question never raised. He was good to them when he was in port and that was all that mattered.

He was home the day her mother died.

It was mid-morning. The day was bright, the sky blue, and a briny breeze shook out the sheets her mother had pinned out to dry. Sephone was helping with the laundry. Though small for her seven years, time at the mangle and at the ropes of her father’s ship had given her muscles a boy twice her age would be proud of. She was hanging another sheet as her mother scrubbed the last on the washboard when the woman gave a pained cry. She turned to see her collapse to the cobbles and ran to help.

Her mother lay still, her skin turned ashen. Her face was frozen in a rictus which had squeezed her eyes shut. No breath came from her twisted lips.

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One Year On (Ish)

Last December my husband had a stroke. I wrote about that, and the month which followed it, here. It’s the anniversary in two weeks. This is how things stand now.

Thursday (12th) saw us at physio, where they broke the news that they don’t believe he’ll make any further progress. That means no movement at all in his left arm. Very little in his left leg. The bleed on his brain has affected his concentration and he’s too easily distracted to be able to walk more than a couple of steps. Stairs are impossible.

H will be discharged from physio at the end of January, when he’ll be passed on to other agencies. Their job will be to assess our home and make the necessary adaptations. So in that respect, we’ll be able to move on with our lives instead of being in our current limbo.

We’re still waiting on PIP. Once that’s sorted, we can organise a car and a blue badge. Wheelchair Services are likely to issue H with an electric chair which will make life a lot easier. We’ll be able to get out more. Actually live.

So while there’s a lot to process, it’s not all bad.

#Preptober 5: Getting through November

You’ve decided on a genre, done a bit of worldbuilding, and drawn up your heroes and villains – now to survive the writing process! The idea of NaNo is to write quick and dirty, without letting your inner editor interfere, so you end up with a first draft. To manage this, you need to make a few lists, so grab a pen and paper and let’s go! Continue reading #Preptober 5: Getting through November

Dark Attraction – Loving the Bad Boys

Cliff Simon says he likes playing the bad guy because they’re “more fun.” This is true because, even in a fantasy world, being ‘good’ means following rules, be that official ones or the character’s moral code. The bad guys aren’t constrained by those rules and so their characters are freer. Continue reading Dark Attraction – Loving the Bad Boys