January 2014, SFR Galaxy Awards – The Geeky Fun Award
Tin Cat – Misa Buckley (Champagne Books)

A studly Cyborg dressed as Blade, a smart wheelchair-bound heroine, comics, a time travelling bank robber, and an android cat. How fun is that? Throw them all together and you get a fast, fun, romantic story with a twist. Amber Gerald has no idea the comic book turns her life will take when she rescues a stray cat with a secret. In walks sexy Hunter Gray and the fun begins. What impressed me most about this story was that the heroine was accepted as she was, without the need to change her. The hero loved her, faults and all. This story made me feel really good and the title’s nod to Dr. Who made this geek girl really happy. Tin Cat for the Most Geeky Fun.