A Touch of Frost

GENRE: Urban Fantasy Romance
TROPES: Forced Proximity, Only One Bed, Morality Chain
COUPLE: Loki & Iris

BLURB: As the God of Mischief, Loki’s used to being in trouble. Problem? This time he’s innocent, but Odin doesn’t believe him. Thrown out of Asgard, Loki finds himself on Earth… and in the middle of a bank robbery. The alarm is going off, the police are arriving, and Loki is wearing a criminal’s face.

D. I. Iris Fletcher has been after Collins for a year and can’t believe that she’s caught him red-handed. But of course the Met wants him in their cells. She puts him in the back of her car and sets off for London, on to be waylaid by something out of a nightmare.

With their lives on the line, Loki is forced to reveal himself – and the existence of Asgard – to a human being. However with the legendary Grendel after their blood, that’s the least of his concerns. Who’s send the beast? And is it the same person who’s framed him? He needs to uncover the truth, and who better to assist him than a detective?

Iris knows the stories told about Loki, but as they run from monsters and mobsters, she begins to see the man behind the myth. Kissing him was a mistake. Sharing his bed was worse. But they have to make it out alive for her regret either.

Loki can’t fall for a mere mortal, not even if she’s a fierce as a valkyrie. Or has more faith in him than he deserves. Can he protect her as danger closes in around them? If so, can he keep his heart out of the equation?