April Round Up

April was a pretty decent writing month, possibly because I barely left the house. Lockdown has been good for something after all! WriYe was a bit hit and miss, but I won April Camp, so overall I’m happy. My challenge results: At the time of writing Tombs stands at 22,305

Project Writing Shed!

Early 2018 we bought a secondhand shed with the intention of setting up a woodworking business. Late 2018 H had a Stoke and all our plans went poof. Since then, the shed has been sat, gathering oddments and spiders. This is how it looked just after installation. It’s a wee

March Round Up

Well, that was a month. The UK getting hit with the Covid-19 virus wasn’t a surprise (unless you were in government, and being clueless) but the impact has been… interesting. We were due to be on holiday by now, but were fairly sure that the country would end up locked

Writing the Enemies to Lovers Trope

Enemies-to-lovers is my favourite romantic trope. There’s nothing more satisfying than reading about/watching two characters who are polar opposites reluctantly fall for each other. Yet writing this trope can be tricky – you want to make their love seem improbable without making it impossible.